Škola s fantazií Střední umělecká škola Ostrava, příspěvková organizace

The Art Secondary School in Ostrava is a specialized school for the arts. The curriculum is designed for talented students who successfully completed grade school. The school was founded or sponsored by the Moravian Silesian authorities. The goal of the school is to produce independent and creative individuals who are able touse their knowledge towards the cultivation of society and the environment. In their first two years of study, students are acquainted with the basics of artistic craftsmanship. During the second half of study, their work becomes more creative and independent. Alongside traditional techniques, students use computers and internet. The completion of this field takes four years and culminates with a graduation exam. The test consists of a written and oral exam in Czech language and literature, an English oral exam, an art history section, a section based on the student's major, and the student's final art project which is judged on its design and artistic merits. Part of the evaluation also consists of the student's oral defense of their project. The students gain the basics to become independent artists and the disposition for continued study.

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